Sunday, January 15, 2006

Christian Right Assuring Us that Harper will Lead with His Faith?

The following is a mass-mail out from someone who has access to the Conservative Party email lists. It is from the "National Council", and in specific someone calling themselves Don (pretending to be the Chair of the Conservative Party, Don Plett). I just thought that the entire public should have the opportunity to read the christian right's view and hope for Stephen Harper. It may surprise some people that the Canadian public wants to restore "the Christian values we all hold dear," [emphasis added] and that the christian right is downplaying the admission that Harper has "evolved" to be more socially progressive in order to appeal to the larger public. The email is trying to convince the voters that Harper is still a bible-thumping, gay-bashing wingnut, and make it appear that the message is from the upper echelon of the party. The fact that this mail-out, which easily could have been authentic before the beginning of the campaign, is fraudulant alludes to the success of this campaign in silencing its religious right (such as the Concerned Christians Canada).

Dear Fellow Conservatives,

These are exciting times. Here we are in the home stretch….on our way to victory inElection 2006! In just a few more days, our Leader, Stephen Harper will become the next Prime Minister of Canada!

As your Chair, I want to thank each and every one of you for your work in bringingus so close to the victory. During a campaign like this one, it is not always possible or wise to speak aboutevery detail of our plans. Don't be confused or upset by Stephen saying that he has "evolved". After all, winning is the name of this game.

When we form Government on Jan 23rd, be rest assured that we will not let you and your families down. As promised, all the issues that are precious to you will be dealt with. We will have the power to get on with repairing the social fabric of this country and restoring the Christian values we all hold dear.

Keep the faith, keep up the pressure and God Bless Canada.



Ottawa Core said...

the email is bogus. check the headers. it comes from a server in russia. maybe you should send it to belinda stronach, she believes anything delivered to her inbox.

Anonymous said...

Obviously a fake.

With all the defamation suits starting up against bloggers, I would go hit the delete button on this one if I were you. You are starting to make headlines in the Conservative blog circles. It won't be long before a lawyer sees your libelous remarks towards Harper.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the Christian Right's view, it is obviously a dirty trick by someone trying to make the party look bad.

You are right that this was done by someone with access to the membership list. It is carefully guarded, however, the three people running for leadership (Harper, Stronach, and Clement) were given a copy of it. Hmmm, which one of the three might be up to a dirty trick to make the conservatives look bad?

Just so you know, most of us conservatives are embarassed by Craig B Chandlier, especially those of us who know him. Using him to typify either Christians or Conservatives is like saying all gay rights activists are members of NAMBLA.

You would be better to expose him as a phony than to make everyone look bad.